The Brow Bar uses a unique hard wax that isamazing on the skin, especially for those who have sensitive skin, or those who are first time waxer’s. If you have ever had a horrible experience where skin was lifted and too much hair was removed it’s understandable to have concerns about getting waxed.

Cowlick’s:   Caused by a tuft of hair that grows in a direction different from that of the rest of the hair that challenge the shape of the brow.
Solution:      Careful detail in trimming and tweezing to shape them in to the desired shape.

Thin Hair:     Gaps, bare spaces and thin hair makes the brows appear to look light and invisible.

Solution 1    Waxing above, below, and on the temples combined with tweezing will help them stand out  after the waxing lightly use a
brow filler add depth and overall shape.
Solution 2    The 30 day challenge,As hard as it may be let them grow out for 30 days minimum, after which we can then determine what
the brows are capable of  accomplishing in most cases after so many years of tweezing the hair is damaged and won’t grow
back, so a filleneeded and applied. At that time a Permanent Cosmetics  solution should be considered.

Faded Ink:  If permanent eyebrows are not the ideal shape or the ink has faded.
Solution 1:   If there is good hair growth they can still be waxed into the desire shape and a filler can help to get the brow color back to a
normal natural look.
Solution 2:  Consultation and schedule your Permanent Cosmetic resign.

The Brow Bar staff professional and highly trained accepts these challenges and looks forward to getting your brows back in shape for you! accomplishing each and every customer’s desire for the perfect brow.


Eyebrows $28.00   Toes $10.00
Face + Brows $60.00   Arms $45.00
Side Locks $15.00   Half Arm $35.00
Lip $15.00   UndersArms $35.00
Chin $15.00   French Bikini $50.00
Nose $15.00   Leg + Bikini $75.00ini
Stomach $30.00   Half Leg $45.00
Chin $15.00   Derriere $25.00
Bikini $35.00   Cheeks $15.00
Brazillain $65.00      

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